Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Farm, The Animals and More

Shady Creek Farm is located between the cities of Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton, OH in Fayette County Indiana.  We have a 26 acre working sheep farm, with 16 acres of fenced pastures, 6 wooded acres and the remainder is in lawn.  Our pastures are subdivided into 4 fields for pasture rotation which enables efficient use of feed and the ability to naturally manage parasite loads. 
 We have a small training pen available to start young or new dogs in, if needed and we have the ability to build temporary holding pens in various locations around the farm.  We also have a 121x66 indoor facility with lights with 4 inches of washed river sand on the floor, the arena has permanent dust control applied, this facility can be used in inclement weather and during evening hours.  

 Outdoor herding provides a more dynamic experience with opportunities to work with larger groups of sheep on grass whereas the indoor facility offers shelter from the weather and an opportunity to work small groups of sheep for short periods of time.

Shady Creek Eggs
Shady Creek Farm has a small flock of free range, cage free laying hens on the farm.  The hens are accustomed to dogs and we are happy to allow you to introduce your leashed dog to them.  We offer farm fresh brown and green eggs for sale; just ask us when you visit!

Duggan, Phoebe and Cowboy are our resident equines.  Shady Creek Farm was built as a horse farm in 1992 and provides great horse facilities including a 5 stall barn with 12x12 matted stalls, horse safe fencing, indoor and outdoor arenas and access to trails and nearby state parks.

Duggan has been part of the Newhall family since he was a year old, he was foaled in 1988 and is the old man of the farm and the primary reason the farm was purchased in 2002….he is affectionately known as Uncle Duggan and he is the one that really runs the place.  Duggan’s riding career involved showing in both English and Western events, eventing, hunter pacing, fox hunting and trail riding.  Our most notable ride was with the wild ponies on the beaches of Virginia, where he willingly swam in the ocean.  Duggan is an appendix registered Quarter Horse and is officially retired.

Phoebe was born and bred here on the farm, she is a Dutch Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross and is affectionately known as the drama queen.  She is a big, athletic girl who is very sociable, but not always dog friendly.  Phoebe is bred to be a hunter/jumper, but currently she is used as a pleasure horse on the farm and her heart belongs to Duggan.

Cowboy is the newest addition to the barn, he is a registered Quarter Horse with reining bloodlines.  Cowboy is on loan to us from a dear friend in Pennsylvania and is used for trail riding and provides guests with a reliable, safe mount.

The Sheep

Our flock of commercial Katahdin ewes were originally sourced from a farm in Pennsylvania and are bred and selected for conformation, meat and maternal instincts. They are a hardy, efficient flock that provide us with a nice lamb crop each year and herding opportunities. 

The Cats
Stripes and Tom are our resident barn cats, they are dog savvy and even come out into the field to watch sheep herding.

Pictures around the Farm